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3 minute t-bone with smashed dill potatoes

I just love getting dinner inspiration from my fellow Tweeters and InstaFriends! Tonights Sunday supper is inspired by Bon Appetite Magazine’s smashed potatoes. I catered the recipe to my family by mixing red and gold potatoes, broiling, and adding dill (because I love it and we had some left over!). This 3 minute t-bone is quick and seriously the best way to sear a simple steak. So keep reading to chow down on 3 minute T-bone with Smashed Dill Potatoes tonight!

Bon Appetite inspired Smashed Dill Potatoes

Bon Appetite inspired Smashed Dill Potatoes

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“Saucier, in charge of sauces. Very important. A real gourmet kitchen!” Remy ‘Ratatouille’

Spring has sprung! Er-well, almost sprung here in Connecticut, but with temperatures heading north, I couldn’t resist dusting off the grill and planning some outdoor meals! There’s nothing better to the taste buds then the first bite of a juicy steak or tangy BBQ chicken or marinated and charred vegetables. With our first little one on the way, I’m constantly thinking of ways I can raise a good eater. The odds are good, coming from parents who love to dine and will try just about anything but how can I make my favorite dishes “kid-friendly?” One of my favorite additions to any meal, especially in the summer is a good dipping sauce. A good sauce adds another dimension of flavor, gives a twist on traditional grilled-fare, and makes eating your veggies fun! Continue reading