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pizza fritta with powdered sugar…bringing the San Gennaro home

It’s my favorite time of year again…the San Gennaro festival in NYC’s little Italy! It’s a tradition for my husband and I to go every year. Last year was Luca’s first visit and while he slept through most of it, his dad and I had a blast! This year with a newborn and a newly walking toddler however, it was a bit harder to get down to Mulberry Street so I decided to bring the festival to us! Since sausage and peppers, braciole, and seafood salads are already staples in our house, I decided to try something a little different…and deep fried! Here’s a fun recipe that takes some time to rise but involves very little work. Check out my Pizza Fritta with Powdered Sugar!



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San Gennaro: The Must-Attend Food Festival in NYC’s Little Italy

There are few events that I actually enjoy battling crowds for and spending money on like it’s going out of style (let alone doing it with an infant, stroller, and with no family friendly bathroom in sight!) but the San Gennaro Festival in Little Italy, New York City is well worth the trek, dollars, and creative infant changing positions (i.e. a chair in the basement of a little Italian restaurant!).

San Fannaro 2014

San Gennaro 2014

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