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simple real simple sweet and salty pork and apple sloppy joes

The sloppy joe. A childhood staple. So much so, even Adam Sandler joked about it on screen in an elementary school cafeteria. The packaged, high sodium dish I remember is probably not one I’d feed my family but this Real Simple recipe is one that has grown up qualities. The high sodium spice packet gets replaced by salty ground pork balanced by vibrant fresh grated tomatoes, garnished with a touch of sweet julienned apples. Even better, it’s a quick and easy dish that everyone in the family will love! Here’s my attempt at Pork and Apple Sloppy Joes.

Simple Real Simple Sloppy Joe's

Simple Real Simple Sloppy Joes

Here's my newest sous chef, Brody, following in his big brother's foot steps!

Here’s my newest sous chef, Brody, following in his big brother’s foot steps!

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meatless monday layered squash enchilada verde

Meatless Monday meets seasonal butternut squash. Hooked yet? This dinner was inspired by Real Simple’s October issue. Spicy jalapeños, smooth sour cream, and sweet squash with salsa verde provide a hearty dish good for the heart! I used less salsa and added more cheese (because everything is better with more cheese!) than the original recipe and it totally worked, ask my husband and his huge second plate! Dig into Meatless Monday Layered Squash Enchilada Verde.

A meatless Monday masterpiece!

A meatless Monday masterpiece!

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