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3 minute t-bone with smashed dill potatoes

I just love getting dinner inspiration from my fellow Tweeters and InstaFriends! Tonights Sunday supper is inspired by Bon Appetite Magazine’s smashed potatoes. I catered the recipe to my family by mixing red and gold potatoes, broiling, and adding dill (because I love it and we had some left over!). This 3 minute t-bone is quick and seriously the best way to sear a simple steak. So keep reading to chow down on 3 minute T-bone with Smashed Dill Potatoes tonight!

Bon Appetite inspired Smashed Dill Potatoes

Bon Appetite inspired Smashed Dill Potatoes

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blistered grilled “uncle” potatoes

Some of my favorite recipes are the ones that get passed around through the family by word of mouth. There’s no “perfect” way to make them and most can be tweaked and twisted into different culinary concoctions resulting in different delightful treats. Here’s a recipe that couldn’t be simpler and puts a new, summery face on the classic baked potato. Here’s my uncles recipe for Blistered and Grilled Potatoes.

Blistered and grilled

Blistered and grilled “uncle” potatoes!

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