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meatless monday layered squash enchilada verde

Meatless Monday meets seasonal butternut squash. Hooked yet? This dinner was inspired by Real Simple’s October issue. Spicy jalapeños, smooth sour cream, and sweet squash with salsa verde provide a hearty dish good for the heart! I used less salsa and added more cheese (because everything is better with more cheese!) than the original recipe and it totally worked, ask my husband and his huge second plate! Dig into Meatless Monday Layered Squash Enchilada Verde.

A meatless Monday masterpiece!

A meatless Monday masterpiece!

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Don’t Forget to Poach Your Protein! (Meatless Monday Vegetable Hash)

"Cooking Light" Meatless Monday Inspiration

“Cooking Light” Meatless Monday Inspiration

So another Monday was upon us and while I love my meatless meals, post-baby I’m trying to make sure I add protein as often as possible. A 6-week old may not walk or talk, but you sure still need a lot of energy to balance out those sleepless nights! On average, men need 56 grams while women need 46 grams of protein daily and eggs can be a great, meatless source. At 6 grams per egg, adding two to a dinner is an easy addition to boost the intake.

If you have the hook-up, may I suggest local eggs, like the ones I get from the chickens that my mom added to the family last year. Dave, Cody, Pancakes, and the rest of the lot provide the freshest, most vibrant, and nutritious eggs around. No chicken coups in your family? It’s a great time of year to spend a Saturday perusing your local farmer’s market, just make sure to give the eggs a good wash before you crack them! Anyway, back to cooking…

I saw this recipe in one of my favorite magazine subscriptions, Cooking Light. It was super easy and even had the meat-lover in my house singing his wife’s praises! As an added boost, next time I might throw in a can of beans, red or cannellini, just to add a non-meat, non-dairy source of more protein. Here’s the recipe for Vegetable Hash with Poached Eggs.

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Meatless Monday Eggplant Sloppy Joe Penne

It has been a Triple-R week in my house this week! A “Rachael Ray Recipe” week. As a subscriber to her magazine and avid “catch the recipe of the day” Rachael Ray Show viewer, she always has plenty of great takes on traditional dishes. Wednesday night I decided to attempt her “Meatless Monday” throw-back version of sloppy joes. By substituting eggplant for ground beef, this becomes an easy mid-week vegetarian dish. Continue reading