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devilishly good meatless monday eggs in purgatory

This is a devilishly fun dish to start October’s meatless Monday’s off right! Believed to be of Tunisian decent, Shakshouka, or Eggs in Purgatory, traditionally uses Harissa, a paste made from peppers and spices, but mine utilizes smoky cumin and jarred roasted red peppers which are probably sitting in your pantry right now! Serve family style or in individual dishes for a simple weeknight dinner!

A hellish good meal!

A hellish good dish!

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cracker-thin pizza with super-garlicky tomato sauce

Happy National Pizza Day! I feel like pizza is becoming a common theme within my blog posts, but it’s such a perfect food to play with (and on a day like today) that it’s hard to leave it behind! This recipe was part of a farewell to the editor-in-chief of Cooking Light magazine at the end of last year. It was one of his “six simple recipes” that he chose to leave readers with. I made a few alterations to please my families taste buds and it made it even more delicious! Here’s one more to add to your collection, Cracker-thin Pizza with Super-Garlicky Tomato Sauce

Garlicky, saucy, deliciously thin pizza...at home!

Garlicky, saucy, deliciously thin pizza…at home!

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