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stock-up chicken stock

The snow is finally coming here in Connecticut! With an impending Nor’easter on our hands, I’m looking forward to some sledding with my boys 🙂 I’m even more excited about the cozy meals I can prepare to warm us up afterwards.

This week, as I do quite frequently, I roasted a chicken for easy lunches and dinners for my hungry brood. By simply adding a few root vegetables, lemon, garlic, salt, pepper, and some water to keep it moist on the bottom of the roasting pan, after carving the chicken, I had a great base to start a stock!

We go through a lot of stock in our house since I use it for everything to add flavor. It starts to get expensive! Not to mention the salt content starts to add up. Here’s a recipe that will get your house smelling like Sunday dinner and will keep giving back for recipe after recipe to come! Here’s the most simple Chicken Stock recipe you’ll ever make!


This recipe yields about 12 pints of stock

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A Tale of Two Stews: 2 Hearty Recipes for Chilly December Nights

I’m always looking for new and interesting ways to take the chill out of the supper air during those cool December evenings. Stews are a great way to get a hearty one-pot meal that will warm your bones and feed an army. I like to make large batches (I always cook as if we are the next 19 kids and counting!) and I freeze half for an easy week night meal later on. Here are two fantastically delicious recipes for Beef Stew and its vegetarian friendly Southwestern Barley Stew counterpart!

Classic Beef Stew

Classic Beef Stew

Southwestern Barley Stew

Southwestern Barley Stew

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