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stuffed acorn squash

The weather is cool, the leaves are gone, and gourds are everywhere! While I love a spaghetti squash for dinner, my hubby needs a bit more substance than that 🙂 Here’s a recipe that combines the best of both worlds. The sweet roasted squash remains the star while brown rice and sausage “beef” it up a bit. Here’s the recipe for Stuffed Acorn Squash.


One squash meal

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A Trip to the Orchard and an Apple a Day

This month we are celebrating all things fall in our house. It’s a year of firsts with our son and we are taking full advantage of beginning traditions. This weekend, we spent the day roaming a local apple orchard and picking the perfect pumpkin! If an apple a day does keep the doctor away, then these two simply delicious recipes will be sure to keep your M.D. forgetting your face! Here’s my recipe for Baked Apple Chips and my husbands famous Barn Cider.

Enough apples to put doctors out of business!

Enough apples to put doctors out of business!

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