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29 plus 1 and gulf shrimp with casino butter

Another year has come and gone and March 20th marked a milestone birthday for me. The dreaded 3-0, or as I have referred to it as, my 29 plus 1. My twenties saw their fair share of extremes, from the highest highs to painful lows but here I am on the other side and I’ve gotta say, they sure did fly by. I have become some how more settled in my own skin by discovering my passions, finding a life path, and earning my proudest title of “Mom.” Thank you for sharing these accomplishments with me through my stories here and by, hopefully creating your own by sharing these recipes with your families and friends!


The girls

In true Foodetarian fashion I celebrated with some of the most fun ladies I know with a (surprise!) party and cooking class at Two Steps Downtown Grille in Danbury. Tom was patient while taking countless calls from my party-planning mom adding humor and wit to his food demonstration. It was such an enjoyable evening and I’d like to thank Tom and his staff at Two Steps for allowing us to bring the celebration! I thought I’d share one of my favorite recipes from last night. Here’s Tom’s recipe for Grilled Pancetta Wrapped Gulf Shrimp with Casino Butter.


Adorable chef inspired goodie bags my mom made that are pinterest worthy!

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sweet and crunchy candied nuts

One of my favorite pizza places in New Haven carries this amazingly incredible salad with mixed greens, dried berries, crumbled bleu cheese, and these sweet, crunchy, heavenly candied nuts. I have always wanted to try them out at home to change up our salad game and last night I did! They were so delicious that John has requested we always keep them in the house, plus, they kept the kitchen smelling sweet and nutty all night long! Here’s my recipe for Candied Nuts.


Candied Mixed Nuts

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you’ll forget they’re not fried onion rings

This recipe is a funky take on a traditionally deep fried food. Baking saves on the greasy end result but the addition of crunchy potato chips adds enough flavor you won’t miss the oil! Give your Valentine what they really want this year with this tasty treat. Here’s my recipe for Baked Onion Rings.


Your Valentine will thank you for this one!


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toasted artichoke garlic bread

We are all garlic lovers in my house, including my 19 month old son who was probably bombarded with it while I was still pregnant with him! He’s a great eater and this recipe happened to be the first time he tried artichokes (which he loved!). It combines salty parmesan and sweet and tangy artichokes with sharp garlic flavor all on warm toasted bread. It’s like all your favorite things about artichoke dip served on easy to eat bread! I was inspired by a friend who says she makes a similar recipe for her family who loves it as well. Here’s my Toasted Artichoke Garlic Bread.


Toasted Artichoke Garlic Bread

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tapas tuesday empanadas

It seems like everyone’s on board with Taco Tuesdays these days but here’s a twist that’s just as easy and just as versatile! Think of these empanadas as the perfect finger food. I made these for my cousin Becca’s 14th (eek!) birthday a few weeks ago to go along with her “tapas” theme. It took me back to my study abroad in Spain surrounded by all the tasty pickings, minus throwing my trash on my aunt’s clean floor 🙂 Here’s my weeknight Tapas Tuesday Empanadas.

Homemade empanadas are easier than you think!

Homemade empanadas are easier than you think!

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This fun twist on a childhood favorite makes for a healthy and delicious side to any dinner! Broccoli as a substitution for potato is an easy swap and making them at home ensures you know exactly what’s going into your little ones dinner. Here’s my take on Broccotots.

A healthier version of a childhood favorite

A healthier version of a childhood favorite

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mini meatloaf hauntings

Another creepy Halloween themed dinner in our house tonight! Making “bite sized” meatloaves allowed me to make my little guys dinner first and save the grown-ups portion to be baked later. Homemade mashed potatoes are great as long as you get them to a creamy texture; if you used boxed, I won’t tell! Here’s my festive Mini Meatloaf Hauntings.

Boo-tiful dinner!

Boo-tiful dinner!

A happy haunting :)

A happy haunting 🙂

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