what-to-do-with-those-leftover-potatoes fish cakes

Thanksgiving was wonderful. You pulled off a fantastic meal without any terrible catastrophe but now your stuck with piles of leftovers! Other than live on turkey sandwiches for the next three days, here’s a recipe that will chip away at all those mashed potatoes. Try these Fish Cakes for a turkey-free Thanksgiving leftover “mash” up 🙂


Fish Cakes



2 white fish filets (about 6-8 ounces), steamed, cooled, and flaked (I “steam” fish all the time for my little guy in a tin foil packet with a little butter, salt, and pepper in the oven at 375 degrees until white and flakey, about 7 minutes)

1 cup left over mashed potatoes

1/4 cup panko breadcrumbs, plus more for coating

1 egg, lightly beaten

Salt and pepper to taste



Light fish balances out the heavy turkey dinner from the day before!


Combine all the ingredients from fish to pepper in a large bowl by folding gently.


Folding gently insures the fish remains in large chunks

Form into 6 round patties.


Two patties per person is filling enough!

Heat a large pan over medium heat. Coat with a generous helping of EVOO. Gently toss the cakes in your extra panko and add into the pan. Cook until golden brown on eat side, about 7 minutes on each side, adding more EVOO if needed. Serve with lemon and tartar or try a mix of mayo and Sriracha for a kick of heat!


Panko breadcrumbs brown nicely while remaining light

This delicious Thanksgiving leftover idea is simple while remaining super flavorful. The best part is, half the work is already done when you start! I hope you enjoy this dish (almost!) as much as your Thanksgiving dinner 🙂

Eat Well,

Stephanie a.k.a. The Foodetarian

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