This weekend the boys had their first sleepover at Grandma’s house and while my husband and I would have been perfectly content catching up on sleep, we rallied together and went out for date night! With a 16 month old and an 11 week old, it’s been a while since we’ve gotten to try anything new (especially without two children hanging all over us!) so we were so excited to finally head up to Westport and check out bartaco!

While we love trying new places, with our outings being less frequent these days, we’re more apprehensive to travel outside of our favorite spots. Boy, were we glad we did! bartaco did not disappoint and while we had to wait a bit for our seats, there was a good reason why. The food was killer, the atmosphere was fun, and the place is filled with funk and quirk! And if you can’t make it down tonight, try my Chicken Tostada recipe for an at home fix!

Homemade sauces bring awesome heat to already tasty dishes

Homemade sauces bring awesome heat to already tasty dishes

I love any place I can grab small bites. As a self-proclaimed foodie, I have an extremely hard time deciding on any one dish when I go out. Luckily for me, bartaco let me try a little bit of everything!

When we arrived, we gave our name to the host and headed to the bar. While we’ve have some beautiful October nights here in Connecticut, this one was too chilly to sit outside looking over the river into downtown Westport, even with the outdoor heaters! I could tell from the masses of people that we were at a happening spot. I opted for a glass of wine but drooled over the freshly squeezed lime juice going into their famous margaritas. As a bartender myself, I know that you often get more interaction when you sit on the stools instead of a table, so we decided to hang when two seats opened up.

We started with their fresh guacamole. The perfectly ripe avocados are brightened up with a hint of lime and every so often you catch a little bit of heat; jalapeños I assume. Served with crunchy tostada chips for dipping, the only thing we regretted about this dish was not ordering the bigger size!

Chunky avocado gives this guac awesome texture!

Chunky avocado gives this guac awesome texture!

I convinced my husband into trying traditional plantains. They were served with a creamy herbed dipping sauce which complimented the sweetness of the plantains harmoniously. He’s got a new favorite snack 🙂

Warm fried plantains

Warm fried plantains

The best part about this dish was eating it with chopsticks! Yes, chopsticks for Spanish food. Why? I asked. Just because the owner loves using them! Why not?

We finished with an assortment of tacos, which I was so impressed by, even after ordering a second helping, I forgot to snap a photo! Just close your eyes and imagine chunks of mahi mahi, lightly battered and fried oysters, strips of hearty, flavorful pork, and earthly portobello mushrooms all served in their individual bed of small tortillas and topped with fresh garnishes of tomato and cilantro. A choice of hot sauces ranging in heat from habanero to jalapeño bring an added burst of flavor. My suggestion is to order a few to share and then go back for more. They also have a “Chef’s Selection” which gives you a sampling of the chef’s favorites for the night along with a few sides.

We didn’t go for dessert but from what I hear, we really missed out! Guess that just means we’ll have to head back and since I spotted a few family friendly tables, and the prices were super reasonable, it’ll be sooner rather than later!

Eat Out Well,

Stephanie a.k.a. The Foodetarian

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