sunny days, a recipe to sweep those clouds away!

My son recently turned one and oh what an extravaganza it turned out to be! Our simple backyard barbecue quickly spiraled into an event that made you feel as though you were talking a walk down the actual Sesame Street set. After months of planning every detail, down to the “Rubber Ducky Punch,” it was a great time had by all and other than my handsome little guy, the star of the show was my Sesame themed cupcake/cake tower. Yes, it would have been easier to buy a cake, but I saved a ton of money by doing them myself and I absolutely loved the way they came out! Anyone who has read my blog before knows I am NOT a baker, but follow a few step-by-step directions and you’ll be sweeping the clouds away with these sweet treats in no time at all!

Sesame Street Cupcakes

Sesame Street Cupcakes

The second *sweetest* thing of the day!

The second *sweetest* thing of the day!


1 box of vanilla cupcakes (Makes 24 cupcakes, or 6 of each character)

1 box of vanilla cake mix (Makes the topping)

2-3 containers of store bought buttercream frosting

Green, yellow, and black fondant (I bought the pre-colored stuff from Wilton but they also make pure white I’m sure you could dye yourself to save a few bucks!)

Red, yellow, green, blue, black, and brown food coloring (Wilton makes perfect color gels for this. They are bright and vibrant!)

Orange M&M’s (enough to have 1 nose per Elmo)


Fruit rolls (I used the Mott’s kind)

Pastry tips and bags

Chewy Chocolate chip cookies, halved

1 package of candy eyes

Bright red, blue, yellow, and brown cupcake liners


Before you get to decorating, bake your cupcakes according to the box directions and let cool completely.

Start by rolling out the black fondant and cutting small circles (use anything in the kitchen that might make a good size). Half the circles to create mouths.

Elmo: For Elmo, use the small star frosting tip and red icing to frost. Add two eyes, one orange M&M for the nose and a fondant mouth. Done! He’s fast and  easy and super cute 🙂

Cookie Monster: Use the grass pastry tip and blue icing to frost. The best part about Cookie and Oscar are they’re messy, so it doesn’t have to be perfect! Add two eyes and stick in one of your cookie halves and you’re halfway done!

Oscar: Using the same grass pastry tip and green icing, frost Oscar. Place two eyes and switch icing color to brown to create messy eyebrows. Add one black fondant mouth and fill in with red icing left over from Elmo and a straight pastry tip.

Big Bird: I leave the big buy for last because he is the most intricate but so worth it! Start by preparing your beaks. Cut a “V” out of the marshmallows. Lay a strip of fruit leather inside and trim the excess. Next, secure the beak to the cupcake with a dab of yellow icing. Frost around the beak with a small spatula or butter knife. Using a leaf or small star pastry tip, ice around the rest of the cupcake. Add two eyes and a strip of pink and blue frosting for his eye brows.

For the topper: This was a basic cake that I cut down to fit the size of my cupcake tower (about 6-8 inches round). I frosted with light blue icing and made my fondant street sign by cutting a rectangle with half-moon top out of yellow fondant, then laying in the green fondant and free hand wrote the “1” and “Luca” with white frosting.

Viola! You’re done! And you saved a ton of money at the bakery! To make your own cake stand, use 3 different sized styrofoam disks. Glue on your choice of colored paper on each top and ribbon around the edges. Secure together with soup cans wrapped in colored paper. It wasn’t super sturdy but it did the trick!

A masterpiece of my own making!

A masterpiece of my own making!

The cupcakes were a hit, especially with my birthday boy!

A happy one year old!

A happy one year old!

After a little internet research and Pinterest addiction, I managed to turn the whole party into a Sesame celebration! These cupcakes are super cute and while they take some patience, I think they were well worth the ooh’s and aah’s! Happy celebrating!

Eat Well,

Stephanie a.k.a. The Foodetarian

If you’re looking to throw a Sesame Street bash of your own, here’s a little inspiration from our party!


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  1. Aww the cupcakes and baby are soo cute 🙂

  2. Thank you! You can’t go wrong with Elmo!

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