brick + wood and one happy baby

Ok, so I admit, my husband and I are creatures of habit. We like to stick with what we know and what we know is good. These days, our date nights are less frequent, and we like knowing that these rarities will be spent at a place we love. This past weekend, we’ve found a place we’re adding to the list. Brick + Wood is an up and coming spot that’s making a name for itself in a tough restaurant market. With a ton of great places to eat in Fairfield, CT, it’s hard to be the new kid on the block, but Brick + Wood is making it look (and taste!) good! We enjoyed it so much, even our little guy gives it a rave review! Here’s the scoop…

Brick + Wood Post Road Fairfield

Brick + Wood 1275 Post Road Fairfield, CT

Happy Baby = Happy Mommy!

Happy Baby = Happy Mommy!

The atmosphere when you enter Brick + Wood is cozy yet chic. With a completely open concept, the hustle and bustle becomes a show with chef’s tossing pies in and out of an authentic pizza oven and wait staff spitting out specials and delivering unique appetizers. The place looks like a small store front from the outside but opens to two large dining spaces including a pizza counter and full bar area. And the food did not disappoint.

Love Life and THIS pizza!

Love Life and THIS pizza!

We started with the Frito Mixto, a mix of fried shrimp and calamari served with a sweet and a spicy dipping sauces. The seafood was just perfectly cooked, lightly battered, and the sauces complimented the fish without overpowering the flavor. The hot and spicy spinach and artichoke dip is served with classic Italian zeppoles. Way better than the traditional tortilla chips you see at most places!

Don't skip the apps!

Don’t skip the apps!

Since we couldn’t decide on just one, we order two pizzas, which come in one personal size. The first with sausage and mushrooms and the second specialty pie which boasted mozzarella, parmesan, potato, and rosemary sans sauce. With bubbled and burnt edges complimenting soft and just perfectly cooked center, they were incredible. My only complaint was that I didn’t have enough room to eat the entire thing!

Order more for leftovers :)

Order more for leftovers 🙂

There are so many wonderful sounding dishes on Brick + Wood’s menu that I can’t wait to go back and try some more. From fresh, homemade cheeses to creative salad mixes and dessert “pizzas” (which I eyed the table next to me eating 😉 ), this place really gives its own fresh twist on the boring Italian restaurant. We give it an A+ and will be back as soon as our little guy let’s us 🙂

Potatoes on pizza...starch on starch! One of my favorite combos :)

Potatoes on pizza…starch on starch! One of my favorite combos 🙂

Pro’s? Unique dishes with authentic flavors, trendy yet ingenious wine on tap, friendly staff, casual atmosphere, and reasonable prices

Con’s? Wait time (but 45 minutes at 7pm on a Friday is pretty average, and trust me, have a glass of Mark West pinot while you’re waiting and once you sink your teeth into the first bite, you’ll forget all about it!), pant size (once you have a bite, you won’t want to leave a morsel, bring on the stretchy leggings ladies!)

Eat Well (and sometimes out of the house!),

Stephanie a.k.a. The Foodetarian

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