the broiler: a winter cooks best friend

I love grill flavor. You know the one I’m talking about. Charred to perfection. Juicy center. Smokey notes, not too over-bearing, not too understated. I appreciate the art of the perfect grill taste. Unfortunately, a New England native, the grill isn’t always an option…ah hem, can you say snow? I am on the hunt for a great grill pan, suggestions welcome!, but until then, meet…my broiler. Here’s 5 ways this under appreciated kitchen gem will make your meal better tonight.

The broiler is an at-home pizza makers best friend!

The broiler is an at-home pizza makers best friend!

1. The Broiler Pan: This pan becomes your New Year’s Resolution support system. If you’ve never tried cooking on this guy before, start. Immediately. Trust me. This double pan allows all the extra oils and drippings (essentially the “fats”) to drip into the catch pan and away from your food. Gelatin bases be gone, hello lean tenderloins, chicken, even bacon strips! There’s a time and a place for the those drippings to grow up into your favorite gravy’s..but not always!

Dunnnnn da dun dun!

Dunnnnn da dun dun!

2. Charred Outside, Everyone get’s a piece of the good stuff: I know in my house, the piece of the pie…or lasagna or mac and cheese…everyone is trying to get is that crisp outer edge. With the broiler, you can get a little bit of that all over! No matter what you are throwing in the broiler, each edge get’s just the right amount of crisp, so no quarreling over the best bits…did I just say “quarrel?”

3. Fast Acting Roaster: The broiler does the job of a grill pan in half the amount of time with 10 times better results. Next time you buy that beautiful steak and want to sear it in the pan…stop! Don’t! Salt, pepper, and a heavy duty pan that can stand the heat of the broiler is all you need. A few minutes on each side, let rest, and violá! Instant restuarant quality steak for dinner.

4. Picture Perfect Quality: We all know that I have been trying out my hand on higher quality photos for my blog. There’s my handy dandy friend the broiler to the rescue! The beautiful browned edges (see reason #2 above) leave the perfect picture quality dishes. Did you think all those fancy food magazines ovens were just magical? 😉

5. It Just Makes Kitchen Life Easier: While having beautiful food is important, having great tasting food is way more valuable. The broiler gives just the right amount of crisp edges while leaving interiors of any dishes moist and flavorful. Plus, no spits or splatters all over the stove and countertops!

If you haven’t gotten to know your broiler yet, may I suggest you introduce yourself…like, now…tonight. Just about any dish you make can be enhanced in the broiler, just make sure to keep an eye on things, they can turn quickly! Tip? Leave the broiler cracked open a bit for easy access. That way you can peek in to key an eye on things. Just don’t forget to watch your toes!

Eat Well (and crispy 🙂 ),

Stephanie a.k.a. The Foodetarian

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