The Foodetarian Predicts Six Food Trends for 2015

It’s finally a new year bringing a fresh start for Foodies everywhere. With 2015 here, new food trends will surely be pouring in daily and chefs everywhere will be looking for the next “big thing.” Well, here are some of my Foodetarian predictions for the culinary world these next 12 months.


1. Local, local, local! While we have already seen a huge push of local products, 2015 will notice a boom of farm to table dishes. More and more restaurants will be purchasing their ingredients from mom and pop meadows, including their liquor. Small breweries and distilleries will have their fame this year with more and more eateries supporting the neighborhood businesses. Another big change? Meat. Although most folks are already noshing on home grown fruits and veggies, beef, chicken, and pork will join the party. What’s this mean for consumers? Better quality and more knowledge of our food’s history. A-OK in my book!

Locally raised meats will be hormone free and grass fed. Check out your nearest farmer's markets or health food marts for these delicious meats!

Locally raised meats will be hormone free and grass fed. Check out your nearest farmer’s markets or health food marts for these delicious meats!

2. Re-purposing: We all know that so many of our favorite kitchen fixings have multiple uses, but 2015 will bring a boost of re-purposing. Like? Wonton wrappers. My favorite ingredient for quick home made ravioli or mini bites, think pizza or quiches! Another new use? Cauliflower rice or the fake “carb.” This faux grain will become a step in the right direction for those healthy eating resolutions. Have a favorite new use? Comment and let me know!

Use muffin tins for wonton wrapper cups!

Use muffin tins for wonton wrapper cups!

3. Spice!: Sriracha heated up dishes all over in 2014 and I expect to see a following in 2015. Interested in some of the competitors? Check out this Thrillist article on who may de-throne the champ. Among the top? Dave’s Gourmet Adjustable Hot Sauce, which let’s the diner choose the level of heat!

4. Breakfast for, well, just about anything!: Everyone loves breakfast and this year will see trends bringing our favorite plates into its lunch and dinner counterparts. Two key players? Waffles and eggs. Break out that waffle iron because correctly made, this light and airy carb is a perfect foundation for meats, gravies, and fruit salsas. Left-overs like macaroni and cheese or turkey and stuffing? Turn them into waffles. A liberal coating of oil and into the waffle iron they go. A perfect finger food! Eggs will also make a come-back. Poached over pizzas, veggies, and burgers, the incredible edible will become the perfect addition to many meals!

Eggs aren't just for breakfast anymore!

Eggs aren’t just for breakfast anymore!

5. The “other” ancient grains: We all saw quinoa takes its place in the spotlight in the past few years but this year, its cousins will get a chance to shine. Barley, bulgar, millet, and other ancient grains will make their debut. Interested in why Americans love these grains so much? Check out this BBC article which highlights the “…revolt against processed food…the opposite of modern.”

6. Trendy Water: My husband calls me the “Hydration Queen.” We’ve all heard that the human body can survive up to three weeks without food but less than one without water. 2014 saw the rise of drinks which boasted higher vitamins and electrolytes such as coconut water. 2015 will be no different. Already touting maple water (yes, from maple tree sap) as the new big thing, the hydration trend is here to stay. Homemade flavor infused waters will also make a statement, allowing us at home chefs to start experimenting!

It will certainly be an exciting year in the food world, as each new year is. With new trends and fads right around the corner, I am certainly enthusiastic about exploring new flavors and techniques and sharing them with you all! Have a food trend you think will be the next big thing? I’d love to hear about it and try it out! Just leave a comment below 🙂

Eat Well,

Stephanie a.k.a. The Foodetarian

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